32 Years of
Typography & Design

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A snapshot of Open Sans from the Google Fonts directory

The Story of Open Sans

The story of the most widely used
font family on the internet

The FontWars c.1990

Creating the first TrueType fonts
for Microsoft® Windows™

Noto for Google

Some background of Google’s Noto
‘world language’ fonts

About Me

Hot Metal to Mobile Screen

I am an expert typographer and type designer – from the roots of our trade to the most current applications of type on screen. Type is the fundamental element of all written communication and I have the expertise to help you formulate the most accurate message for your brand or product.

If you’re a fan of my Open Sans typeface family be sure to check out Open Serif – the ultimate companion for the Web’s most popular typeface! https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/matteson-typographics/open-serif/

Bespoke & Licensed Typefaces

Through my employer, Monotype, I have produced typefaces for Microsoft, Google, Charles Schwab, Nextel, Rogers, Toyota, American Heart Association and many others. Feel free to contact me directly (or through Monotype) to create a steadfast typographic system for your company’s brand.

My retail typeface designs are available from MyFonts.com – simply click here for a list: https://www.myfonts.com/search/steve+matteson/


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